*Vicky's grooming services cater for all sizes and breeds. These prices are a guide only and prices may vary based on the condition of the dog, behaviour, knots, time taken etc. THIS APPLIES TO ALL SERVICES.*

Dog Grooming & Dog Wash Bunbury
Dog Grooming & Dog Wash Bunbury
Dog Grooming & Dog Wash Bunbury
Dog Grooming & Dog Wash Bunbury

THE COMPLETE PAMPER PACKAGE | To keep your precious pooch neat, clean and happy! Includes a full clip, wash, blow dry, nails, ears, perfume.

Small Breed Dogs (Maltese-type, Small Fluffies, Westies) – from $65.00

Medium Breed Dogs (Cocker Spaniels, Border Collies) – from $80.00

Large Breed Dogs (Retrievers & similar larger dogs) – from $110.00

WASH, BLOW DRY + TIDY UP | To keep your messy mutt tidy (ideal between full clips)! Includes wash, blow dry and tidy up scissoring.

Small Breed Dogs (Maltese X, Westie) – from $45.00

Medium Breed Dogs (Cocker Spaniels) –  from $60.00

Large Breed Dogs (Retriever & similar) – from $75.00

WASH + BLOW DRY | To keep your fur friend fresh! Includes wash and blow dry only.

Small Breed Dogs (Pug, Maltese X, Westies) – from $35.00

Medium Breed Dogs (Staffy, Cocker Spaniels) –  from $45.00

Large Breed Dogs (Retriever & similar) – from $55.00 

FACE TIDY-UP | To keep your hound happy. Includes face tidy-up only.

Face Tidy-up Only – $10.00

EXTRA SERVICES- FREE OF CHARGE | Vicky does not charge extra for...

  • Flea Shampoo

  • Special Medicated Shampoo (Malaseb and Aloveen)

  • Anal Glands

  • Perfume

  • Bows

  • Advice


LOYALTY OFFER | With every 4th visit, you'll receive $10.00 off!

It's hard to approximate how long it will take to groom your pet, however you will be contacted via call or text when your pet is ready to be collected. Should you need you dog back within a certain time, please let Vicky know at time of booking.